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#30 / Februar 2008

26.06.2020 00:06:19

Nächtlicher Besuch am Grünwalder, Leuchtraketen auf die eigenen Spieler, und andere Anstosszeiten dank TV Übertragungen. Um diese und einige weiterer Themen ging es im Februar 2008. Viel Spass beim Hören! EM 2008, Euro, Borussia Dortmund, MSV Duisburg, Bolton Wanderers, Fulham, Everton, DFB, DFL, Dynamo Dresden, Bayern München, 1860, Newcastle, Manchester, Gabriele Sandri, Lazio Rom, Karlsruher SC, Barcelona, Preussen Münster [..]

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Episode 09 Good evening Delron Buckley (BVB 2005-9)

20.06.2020 07:01:00

Welcome to the BvB London fan club podcast as every week the focus of the show will be on exploring a facet of Borussia Dortmund life by talking to experts and former participants of the club's life, like players, fans, journalists who have covered the club and functionaries and experts and thus make our BvB more accessible to non-German speakers in particular. On today's episode, Ben is joined by Irish Fulham and BvB fan Colm McNabola and Radio Brandenburg-Berlin's (RBB) sports commentator Phi [..]

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Episode 7 an interview with former BVB left-back Niclas Jensen (2003-05)

28.05.2020 01:36:52

Welcome to the Borussia Dortmund Fan Club London podcast the show that brings all things BVB to the UK with news, special guests, interviews and special features on this unique football club and the German league, the Bundesliga.On today's show, Ben and Mark are joined by Colm an Irish member of our club and a Fulham season ticket holder to chat with Niclas Jensen the former Denmark international and Borussia Dortmund Centreback who also played for PSV Eindhoven, Manchester City, Fulham and his [..]

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